Workout Clothes: How to Pick the Best Fitness Apparel

Workout Clothes: How to Pick the Best Fitness Apparel

Workout Clothes: How to Pick the Best Fitness Apparel

It can be problematic to find the perfect workout clothes. Fitness apparel should be comfortable, wick sweat away from your skin and stay out of your way as you work out. You also want to look good, so start with personalized socks.

Personalized Socks

Socks are an oft-overlooked part of workout apparel. However, good socks can make the difference between feet that are blistered versus merely sore after a long workout. Opting for customized socks is one way to add panache and comfort to your workout.

For one thing, they tend to be higher quality than generic socks because they’re customized. So, right off the bat, these socks are already more durable and comfortable. They safeguard your feet even more from injuries, moisture, infections, blisters and odors.

They can be fun or practical, too. For instance, you can order them with a favorite logo or graphic. This comes in useful if you’re playing on a team or working out with buddies.

Sports Bra

Not everyone needs a sports bra, but many women (and a few men) do. Not using a bra or wearing the wrong type can cause back pain and tissue damage over time. It can also lead to more sagging and stretch marks. Even women with small breasts may experience these effects over the years.

Sports bras are particularly important for high-impact workouts, and it’s best to have a bra with separate cups for each breast. Double layers and side panels help provide support. Choose adjustable straps and moisture-wicking fabric. Get multiple bras so you’ll always have one on hand for a workout.

Comfortable Clothes

Your workout clothes should be comfortable but not too loose, especially if you do something such as biking, running or jumping rope where the clothes could pose a risk.

Many people avoid cotton fabrics because cotton absorbs sweat, and it takes a while to evaporate. However, cotton could work OK if you won’t sweat much.

Custom Socks

Fabrics with polypropylene are generally a better choice for workouts. CoolMax and Supplex are good as well. Opt for stretchy fabrics if you’re doing Pilates or yoga.

Focus more on sweat-wicking in warmer months. When temperatures are colder, dress in layers. The layer you put on first is for sweat-wicking. Focus on insulation for the top layer.

If it’s snowing or raining, also choose an outer layer that protects you against the inclement weather. Also, remember your ears, nose, hands and head.

Something You’ll Wear

Above all, it’s essential to choose the workout clothes that you’ll wear. For instance, you don’t want to cut a workout short if you feel self-conscious about overly tight clothes.

Function and fit are important elements, yes, but so is the internal “feel-good” piece of the puzzle. Thus, if you’d prefer shorts because they’re cooler but you would stay at the gym longer if you wore sweatpants, that’s fine.

To save time, you can purchase the same style of shirts and shorts/pants, but switch up the colors so you don’t fall into a rut.

Speaking of spice, remember to check out the options at Socks Rock. Personalized socks can add a lot of fun to your workout clothes. 

Workout Clothes: How to Pick the Best Fitness Apparel

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