Navratri- a festival dedicated to Durga

Navratri- a festival dedicated to Durga

Navratri- a festival dedicated to Durga

The Navratri is the most popular and Hindu festivals. It’s celebrated for nine nights and ten days in India. As it is named sounds like Navratri- Nav -Nine and Ratri- Nights. In these nine days, we prayed and worshipped the Hindu Goddess Shakti/Durga. The last /tenth day is celebrated as Dussehra or Vijayadashmi. This festival is enjoyed and celebrated in India with fantastic enthusiasm and devotion. Among in other countries, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand etc. also enjoy and celebrate this festival.


Navratri is unique, and Hindu festivals enjoy and celebrated during the starting of spring beginning and season of Autumn season. These two-time duration are very essentials and important junctions of solar and climate influence. Peoples worship the Goddess as a symbol of power and shakti and name it as Durga /Amba.

In Navratri, the womenswear the nine different types of colours for nine days. These days have their own story and significance. Navratri in Gujrat, the peoples celebrate and enjoy this festival by performing Garba and Dandiya for nine nights. In other countries and states also peoples want or celebrate similarly but Gujrat is famous for that.

In these nine days, lots of peoples go for fasting for nine days and eat only fasting food and fruits. This is such a most memorable and fantastic festival in India.

Significance of Navratri:- During these nine days of Navratri, we invoke the power and kindness of God in the form of Durga. We enjoy or celebrate Navratri twice a year on two unique and essential seasonal transitions as mentioned above, and it is a factor though that during these times, Goddess Durga provides energy on the earth and make it able to move around the sun. During this season and transition, whether also some changes and Goddess give us power and energy to balance in such weather changes. So we have to thanks Devi Durga for such excellent and Motherly support.

Nine colours of Navratri and their significance:- The nine unique or different shades of Navratri are a symbol for nine devis as a form or part of Navdurga. These all colours denoted the colour of Goddess-like Devi Chandraghanta wears orange. In Navratri, all nine days have assigned nine different colours.

Yellow Color:- This day is known as the Partipata, and on this day, we pray or worship Devi Shailapurtimata on this day, many peoples choose yellow colour cloths or dresses to wear.

Green Color:- This is also known as Dwitiya, and we pray and worship Devi Bramhacharni. This Color assigned explicitly for this day.

Grey Color:- Devi Chandraghanta is a symbol of serenity and peace got worshipped on that day. Most of the people wear grey Color on this day.

Orange colour:- Chaturthi, the fourth day is for Goddess Kushmunda, she is worshipped as creator, This day is specifically for orange Color.

White Color:- This day is basically for Devi Skandamata, and many people wear white Color to impress or place her.

Red Color:- on the sixth day, all mothers pray and please for their kids and family and wear red Color in honour of Katyayani.

Blue Color:-This day is mainly for the Mata Kalraatri, who protects us from many dangerous and bedevils. Blue Color is for this day.

Pink Color:- This day, Durga Ashtami is for Gauri Puja. Devi Saraswati is worshipped on that day, and people wear pink colour clothes to impress her.

Purple Color:- This day of the Navratri, Diddhidatri Mata is commemorated. Many peoples wear the purple colour cloths attain ‘sidhi’ on this fantastic or holy day.


In this festival ‘Navratri’, the first three days devoted to Devi Durga, who save and protect us from sinister evils and pure us. Another three days are for lakshi, who provide us with spiritual wealth. And the last three days, we pray and worship Devi of kindness and wisdom- Devi Saraswati.

Many peoples have lots of opinions about Navratri, and it is celebrated in some unique or different ways in different regions. The main things among all is-it is a festival to pray or worship Goddess.

Navratri Wishes

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