Origin of Karwa Chauth Celebration

Origin of Karwa Chauth Celebration

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Origin of Karwa Chauth Celebration

In our Indian culture, the area Chauth is one of the most critical Indian festivals for all Indian married women. From sunrise till the moonrise, the keeps a fast for the safety of her life partner. Keeping a fast without eating and drinking water any food all through the day seems to be little difficult one but the doting wives perform all these with much respect and love in their heart and head for their husbands.

The meaning of the area Chauth is giving Argya to the moon using an earthen pot known as karwa on the Kartika month Chaturthi. It falls on the 4th (Fourth)day of the dark fortnight in the month of Kartika every year. The origin of this Indian festival is still very hazy, but there are compulsory some anecdotes associated with this Indian festival. Some of the stories narrated below, which shows the main reason behind this celebration.

From the Pages of the Mahabharata:- It said that the Devi Draupadi also observed this Indian festival karwa Chauth. Once the Arjuna, the one whom Draupadi loved the most went to the mountains of the Nilgiri for self-penalty and thus the rest of the two brothers were some facing challenges without him. Now, Draupadi remembered Lord Krishna in this condition to ask what should be done to resolve that kind of challenges. Lord Krishna narrated a little story of Godness Devi Parvati wherein the same situation she performed the Indian ritual Karwa Chauth. So, the Devi Draupadi then followed the strict Indian traditions of karwa Chauth and Pandavas resolved their problems.

The Story of Karwa Chauth:- There was a woman named the Karwa who was firmly in love with her husband and its intense and robust love gave her lots of some extraordinary spiritual powers. Once her life partner and the husband was bathing in an Indian river, and that was when a crocodile attacked him. Now the courageous the Karwa bound the crocodile with cotton yarn and remembered Yama, the lord of death. Yama was so deeply or seriously afraid of being cursed by such a doting and devoted wife, and thus he sends the crocodile to hell and gives life back to Karwa’s husband. The story of Savitri and Satyavan: It said that when Lord Yama, the God of death come to relieve or acquire the Satyavan’s life, Savitri begged in front of the Lord Yama to grant him life. But the Lord Yama was very adamant and seeing that the Devi Savitri Stopped drinking and eating and followed Lord Yama as took her life-partner(Husband)away. Yama now said to Devi Savitri that she could ask of any other kind of boon except the life of her husband(Life-partner). Devi Savitri being a very sharp and clever woman, asked Lord Yama that she wants to be fortunate and blessed with children. She is a loyal wife and won’t let any the adultery. Thus, the Lord Yama had to relieve and restore the life into the Satyavan(Savitri’s Huband), so Devi Savitri can have children.

Why We Celebrate Karwa Chauth?

If we see the popularity and importance of this Indian festival, we see the prominence of the North-Western and North regions of our country. A big chunk of the male population of these kinds of areas were the Indian Army soldiers and officials of the Indian Military Forces. For the safety of these people, women of these regions begin fasting. These armed forces, soldiers, military and police officers personnel, protected our country form the other enemies and the women used to fast and pray to God for the longevity of their life-partner. This time of this c with the initiation of the Rabi cutting or cropping season which is the wheat sowing season (Staring of winter’s) in these areas mentioned above. The women of the families fill the Karwas and earthen pot with wheat grains and offer to the God praying for their life partner’s long life and the great Rabi Season.

In the ancient Indian, women of 10-13 years of age were married. Hardly they could enjoy or celebrate their early teenage or childhood in such a marriage. Communication was also a massive obstacle in those days. So, they could not come to their home and parent’s home quickly, and it was also not considered acceptable.

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