Best Fitness Bands In India

Best Fitness Bands In India

Best Fitness Bands In India

– With ever-changing living and food habits, maintaining a perfectly healthy diet has become a tedious exercise. That’s where a solid workout plan comes to play. Having a smart fitness band makes your training or workout easier and on point with the related statistics and accurate data.

Smart fitness trackers include some unique sensors that monitor and measure every activity, including exercise and body metabolism and gives you a detailed sketch of your exercise. This helps save a lot of effort and time by providing details about your regular workout routines.

Here’s to Some fitness-minded freaks, a list of some unique and most popular fitness band available in the market that comes with industry-leading unmatched and tech durability.

  1. Fitbit Charge 4:- Fitbit is one of the most popular and a frontrunner in fitness tracking devices in the whole world.

Renowned for their smart sensor the perfect accuracy and the companion app robustness, the Fitbit Charge $ gives the unparalleled, metabolism and exercise tracking, 24*7.

Design and Build Quality:- The Fitbit Charge 4 isn’t love anything out there in the industry and market when it comes to aesthetics and design. This device is meant to be a smart fitness tracker and nothing else.

The fantastic design and more comfortable to use touchscreen leave to no chance of confusion on how to operate it.

The hard silicone strap is a little thick and offers impressive durability in the long term. Since this a unisex smart fitness band, it can be used by both women and men without any problems.

Display and Battery:- The Fitbit charge 4 features a 1-inch grayscale P-OLED smooth and impressive touchscreen display with a satisfactory resolution of 96*32 pixels.

The Fitbit charge 4features a fantastic and powerful Li-Po battery that lasts for seven days on a one time charge. It can take it one-two hours for this Battery to charge from 0 to 100%.

Verdict & Miscellaneous:- The Fitbit charge four, unlike its excellent and predecessor – the smart control 3, comes with built-in smart GPS for accurate and independent location tracking. The Fitbit app is feature-amazing and is popular among all other apps on either play store and iOS.

If you want a unique and genuine quality smart fitness tracker with some exceptional precise workout data output and nothing else fancier, the Fitbit charge 4 is the one to manage and check out.

  1. Garmin Vivismart4:-

Garmin is excellent and well-acclaimed GPS technology-assisted navigation device manufacturer in the world. The company or organization has now indulged itself in building smart fitness bands, and the Vivosmart 4 is one of their beginning-level offerings in the Indian industry.

Build Quality and Design:- The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is designed to make comfortable and impress you with its minimalistic design and build Quality.

In the first look, the fantastic budget smart fitness tracker might be mistaken for yet on another Chinese know off from a long distance, but up close it is a unique or different story.

The comfortable and textured rubber strap with a watch strap.

Display & Battery Life:-

This smart fitness tracker has an always-on 0.7 inch OLED display which gives excellent sunlight readability.

Although the display is little small, the animations and fonts are sufficiently large and can be smoothly understood with just a glance.

The tremendous and intelligent backlight technology helps in incredible battery savings: the one-touch and single button navigation upfront help to cruise through the UI helpless.

The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is designed by a rechargeable Li-ion battery which is highly rated to last for seven days of regular usage per single charge.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2:- Samsung gear series has been one of the most popular and successful smart wearables lineups in the whole world its iconic Gear smart fitness bands and smartwatch.

The Galaxy fit is a hybrid between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch that combines the compactness and comfort of a smart fitness band and the connectivity options of a smartwatch.

Build Quality and Design:- It is a solidly built smart fitness band that give exceptional built Quality as well as wearing more comfortable.

The thoughtfully built silicone strap with inner grooves help in to more comfortable and improving the grip and also gives good in-hand feel. The fantastic single tone colour scheme on the belt looks perfect and makes this gadget stand out on your wrist.

Display and Battery:- The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 features a big 1.1-inch AMOLED display with unique colours and contrast as well as brightness.

This is a touch screen or with a gesture-based navigation support device that gives intuitive experience, even for the beginners.

  1. Mi Band 5:- Mi Band is the newest iteration of the fantastic and popular Mi fitness bands.This budget and affordable prices smart fitness band in lots of new useful features to the table which was lacking with this device.

Design and Build Quality:- The overall build quality of the Mi band remains the same as that of the Mi Band 4. The unique silicone strap is skin-friendly and lightweight as before.

This band is also available in some multiple colours for you to select from, depending upon your personal choice and preference.

The Mi band 2.5D reinforced glass covering for some additional screen protection and the anti-fingerprint coating adds to the design and build Quality.

Display & Battery:- The Mi band five display is slightly little more significant than the one its predecessor. When compared with the 0.95in, production on this smart band, This intelligent band features a 1.1-inch display.

The improved screen real estate helps with unique and more comfortable screen UI and navigation visibility.

Mi bands usually are well known for their amazing battery life. The Mi Band 5 with its all amazing and improves sensors will last you up to 12-14 days on a single charge.

One of the most crucial things to note here is that you no longer need to separate the band body from the hand strap to charge it.

Best Fitness Bands In India

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