Best Medical Colleges for MBBS in Russia

Best Medical Colleges for MBBS in Russia

Best Medical Colleges for MBBS in Russia

Russian MBBS and medical universities are occupying almost 30 positions amongst the top 100 ranking medical colleges, according to the WHO(world health organization). Russian colleges and universities offer the most sophisticated and advanced of medical education in the world as each medical university is okay teaching and equipped methods are regulated and streamlined. WHO and MCI approve of Russian Medical universities. Every year close to approx 3,000 students choose to study mbbs in Russia.

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia:- This is one of the most popular and largest medico-scientific centres in Russian federation. Bashkir State Medical and MBBS university has been licensed by the Ministry of education of Russian Govt. to train the national and international students. This  Medical college, one of the prominent and leading universities in Russia.


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Orel State University, Russia:- This University is different in many aspects. Orel state university is the only medical college of the Association of classical colleges of the Russian federation. This university implements 110 basic educational programs of medical and higher education in large groups of 14 training specialities and areas. Today the college is the successor of the fantastic and best tradition of Russian Medical Education. Total of six years MBBS fees in orel state college is approx 15.6 lacs Rupees.

Belgorod State University, Russia:- This was granted the Research university status among the fifteen Russian colleges. The new quality creates a particular situation for development. The victory in the medical competition shows the acknowledgement on the federal level that this university can not only put the two-level of the system of professional and personal training for applied and high-technology researches into practice but also give effective technology transfer in the economy of Russia.

Volgograd State Medical University, Russia:- Volgograd State Medical colleges gained a high rank among the Russian medical universities. Since it was founded, the college has attracted qualify staff with a fantastic experience of teaching in many colleges and regions of the world. Nowadays the medical teaching staff on the university numbers 763 highly qualified instructors and professors with 11 coachings or academicians, approx 96 professors and 401 associate teachers among them.

Crimea State Medical University, Russia:- This university is known as one of the most popular and Russia’s leading teaching and research centres with a total of about 5k students. Crimea State Medical college and university named after S.I. Georgievsky is the institution of higher MBBS and medical education situated in Simferopol, Russia. According to a few independent estimations, it is from the top ten medical colleges and universities in Russia. Crimea Medical University has been the leading centre for vocational and academic medical science and education in Crimea and at the same time giving a specialized course in the field of pharmacy and general medicine.

Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russia:-

The Medical University contributes considerably to the development of health care service and medical science in Russia, and it is recognized in the world as a massive centre for training specialists and different medical areas. The college and university have exceptional scientific-teaching relations and good potentials with lots of medical institution and schools in other countries. Students being thought at St Petersburg State MBBS and Medical university have a chance to study on the best tradition and current level keeping of old Russian medical colleges and schools.

Kazan State Medical University, Russia:- It is located in the central part of Russia. Kazan state medical college is one of the most popular and renowned. Medical Colleges and universities in Russia From were lots of Indian have graduated in the past. Kazan State Medical University is a multi-levelled and multi-functional institution of higher education in medicine.

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