Travel to Paris- 10 things to do (and not to do)

Travel to Paris- 10 things to do (and not to do)

Travel to Paris- 10 things to do (and not to do)

Are you going to Paris soon and looking for suggestions to make the most of it? This program of dos and don’ts should please you!

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Travel to Paris- The city of light always shines brighter. Precious architecture, fascinating museums and monuments, neighborhoods resembling villages, a dynamic artistic scene… the major cultural events of recent years and the self-service bicycles allow you to approach it in a new, more relaxed light. Who is the destination for?

For all audiences: culture lovers, couples, groups of friends, families (the Disneyland Paris leisure park is not far away) …

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Why take a trip to Paris ?

The exceptional cultural offer : museums (the Louvre , the Orsay Museum , the Georges Pompidou center , the Quai de Branly museum, etc.) and the major temporary exhibitions.

Historical monuments : Notre Dame de Paris , the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides , the Arc de Triomphe , the Champs-Élysées, the Royal Palace…

The districts and their atmosphere : Montmartrefor the view, the flights of stairs lit by old lampposts and the “titi parisienï” side; the Ile Saint Louis and the Ile de la Cité at the historic and quaint architecture; Saint Germain and the Latin Quarter for its intellectual chic style and the student atmosphere; the banks of the Seine as romantic as you want; the Marais , its bars, trendy restaurants and picturesque architecture; the quays of the Canal St Martin, Belleville and Ménilmontant for their bobo atmosphere…

Shows and nightlife: on the bill, an eclectic program with the offer of 140 theaters, 2 opera houses and 120 concert halls. Musicals have appeared.

Shopping : from department stores on Boulevard Haussmann to chic boutiques on rue Montaigne via concept stores, Paris remains the capital of fashion. In another genre, flea markets and flea markets are the charm of Sunday strolls.

Cultural events : Paris Plage, the White Night, outdoor summer festivals…

The surrounding castles : Versailles , Vaux le Vicomte, Chantilly , Fontainebleau

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What to do in Paris?

1. Take advantage of the pedestrian streets

Yes, Paris can, in some places, look like a village. Take a stroll down rue Montorgueil, (Sentier) and make a detour to Stöhrer – this historic pastry, which was Marie Antoinette’s, will blow your mind! Continue to explore rue des Rosiers (Marais), rue Mouffetard or even rue de Levis (Batignolles). These streets are very busy and most of their businesses are open on Sundays .

2. How about bistronomy?

Paris is known for its brasseries, but you owe it to yourself to dine in a neo bistro.  These restaurants with excellent value for money and sometimes run by former starred chefs. Remember to book and check just in case if the address is on La Fourchette! Come on, because it’s you, we give you our favorite addresses:

  • Le Chateaubriand (Paris 11th)
  • Frenchie (Paris 2nd)
  • L’Ardoise (Paris 12th arrondissement)

3. Go for brunch

We only think about eating, it’s true, but when you leave Paris that’s what you’ll miss!  Going for brunch on the weekend  is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Add the beauty of Paris and you have the perfect plan to start a day! Here are some addresses that will allow you both to have brunch but also to discover very nice neighborhoods:

  • Paperboy (Paris 11th arrondissement) for a tasty brunch in a rather hipster setting
  • La Bossue (Paris 18th) to start a tour of Montmartre around delicious pastries
  • See you at Derrière (Paris 3e) for those who like originality

4. See Paris from above

What could be more beautiful than seeing the pretty rooftops of Paris? So, of course, you could climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower but that is sorely lacking in originality… Go for a drink on a rooftop instead !

  • Le Perchoir (Paris 11th)
  • Le Mama Shelter (Paris 20th district)
  • Le Kong (Paris 1er – more expensive)

And if you prefer to simply sit in a park, the  Buttes Chaumont (Paris 19th district) are waiting for you!

5. Go shopping

You’ve heard it said enough: Paris is THE fashion capital. To dodge the crowds as much as possible, shop in less frequented streets  such as avenue Victor Hugo (Paris 16th), avenue des Ternes (Paris 17th) and rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine (Paris 11th). And if you are a fan of department stores , prefer Galeries Lafayette de Montparnasse (Paris 15th) for a less crowded but equally fruitful shopping spree!

What we do not recommend doing in Paris!

1. Get discouraged when going down to Châtelet- Les-Halles

There is a good chance that you will pass by the famous station in the heart of Paris during your stay, and probably from the beginning of it if you come back from the airport or the station by metro / RER. Rather than being discouraged by the sight of the construction work, the difficult signs and the crowds, see it as a rite of passage!

2. Go to the museum in high season without having reserved a skip-the-line ticket

What an idea ! Why waste hours of your trip in a seemingly endless queue? Most Parisian museums allow you to book online in advance, a real saving of time and convenience.

3. Make the typical mistakes of the metro

The first thing to know is that it is frowned upon to block access to Parisians in a hurry by stopping on the left side of the escalators 😉 If you do not plan to climb, we advise you to stand at right, even if you are in a group. Then, be careful not to be fooled by these people who claim to work for RATP and offer to buy your train tickets for you!

4. Forget the BA-BA of Parisian evenings

Because in Paris, yes, it’s not so easy to go to a nightclub ! We advise, depending on the places of course, for men to be accompanied by women or to be on their 31, and for girls to prefer heels. For an unpretentious evening where to ignore these rules, prefer to go dancing in these places:

  • Memphis (Paris 10th – 60’s-80’s atmosphere)
  • Café Oz (Paris 14th – come early)
  • Comptoir Général (Paris 10th district – eclectic)

5. Avoid tourist spots

Yes, you owe it to yourself to see what Paris is known for because everything is worth it! The Musée d’Orsay, the George Pompidou center, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Père Lachaise cemetery, the Champs Elysées… All are must-see places that have not stolen their fame. Well, let’s face it, you can avoid rushing on  the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. In truth, we do not see much!


Travel to Paris- 10 things to do (and not to do)

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Travel to Paris- 10 things to do (and not to do)

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