How to Select the Perfume, Which Suits You Perfect ?

How to Select the Perfume, Which Suits You Perfect ?

How to Select the Perfume, Which Suits You Perfect ?

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All the peoples in this whole world are unique in their way and personality. So are their attributes, attitudes, and characters. And soo is their one of the most body chemistry. No two people have the same personality, chemistry, and body. And because of this, the way all perfumes react when use or sprayed on your body and how well it antonyms with your body and personality is different than with another person.


Choosing a perfume that goes hand in hand with your body, personality, and mood is vital when targeting a unique and special aroma impression. Although it may seem like a challenging and complicated process, you are only a few simple steps away from choosing the perfume that compliments your body and personality best.

Whether you’re a perfume or fragrance fanatic or you’re new to some fragrances and scents, finding a perfume you love can be a daunting and most amazing experience. When you find a fragrance counter, the only information you can garner about any of the perfumes in front of you is how the perfume bottle looks, which, of course, tells you none of the valuable points.

  1. Selecting A Price Range:-Perfume is one of the most critical and luxury items, and the cost of the perfume or product can vary widely. Find which cost range is more manageable and comfortable for you.


  1. Selecting A Concentration:-Perfumes have some different names depending on their lasting power and fragrance. Choose a perfume concentration is counting on your lifestyle, attitude and how long you will need it to last.


Eau de cologne:- Lowest and less fragrance concentration. Contains about 4-5% oil in a mixture of alcohol and water. Last’s approximately two hours.


Eau de toilette:- Slightly or medium more concentrated. Contains about 5-10% oil. Lasts about 5-6 hours.


Eau de Perfume:- Amazing and higher oil concentration compared to the beginner two. Contains about 15-20% alcohol mixed with alcohol. Lasts around 6-8 hours.


Parfum/Perfume:- One of the most memorable and Highest oil concentrations. Contains about 10-20% alcohol mixed with oil. It has a great and greater staying power and can last all day.


Perfume Concentration Guide:


  1. Testing the perfume:- Lots of smell on your skin, the only way to find a thought of how well it synergizes with your body or skin chemistry is by testing and checking it on your skin.

Choose a perfume and Spray a tiny amount on your hand wrist and wait around 10-15 seconds for the alcohol to dissolve and after that, smoothly inhale.

The most notable and crucial factor in finding the subtle perfume for you is your initial instinctual thought or reaction to its fragrance. Whether you smoothly love and like the scent or not will play an important role in selecting your perfect scent.


A perfume has 3 three distinct notes. The Top base and middle notes. The Last and Base note of a perfume is the lasts and strongest the longest. The central message is other, and the top note lasts the shortest and evaporates quickly.

The thought and idea are selecting and finding a perfume with a base note the smells fine and impressive on you and a middle and top note that you wouldn’t mind wearing.


The next and vital factor is body chemistry. The body temperature affects the notes mentioned above, and peoples have different and unique skin chemistry. This is crucial because it combines some chemicals that your body produces and the fragrance you choose that will determine whether the particular perfume fragrance will suit you.

Once you have chosen a perfume after testing as above if you are still unsure about purchasing it, ask for a free and uncost sample. Most amazing and major perfume brands and online perfume stores are happy to give examples if they know that the client is very interested.

Choosing a perfume you love can be a little bit challenging, but if you know what you’re looking for, and how to look for it, the finding experience can be enjoyable, especially when you’re armed with the strong knowledge of perfumes to change your regular life. Online resources to learn about something which notes you choose, how to test and apply, and determining your next scent is easier than you think. Selecting a perfect perfume that suits you and amazing fragrance, can be a lifetime memorable experience. A perfume you love can truly become a part of your daily life, and an extension of yourself.

Author : Pawan Bugaliya

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