How to Choose the best movie to watch according to your mood?

How to Choose the best movie to watch according to your mood?

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How to Choose the best movie to watch according to your mood ?                                                                                                                                Movies are something that helps satisfy your guilty pleasure, make a positive impact on your overall health, boost your immune system, help you cope with stress, bring together families and couples, help you learn new things as well.

I know that you came here to find a solution that how you can decide which movie to watch according to your mood.

As human beings, we often suffer from good to bad moods. Depending on what is going on in our lives, we have feelings like anger, sadness, happiness, heartbreak, etc., so to satisfy ourselves and refresh our soul and mind, we often try to watch movies according to our mood.

Well, here I will give you some tips that will help you to decide which movie to watch according to your mood.


How to Choose the best movie to watch according to your mood?

To watch the best movie according to your mood you have to do little research and give your little effort to find the best one for you.


When you are sad:

We often suggested that if we are feeling sad, we have to watch a sad movie, which is not good because that sad movie might make you sadder, which is not the solution.

When you feel sad having a bad day or disagreement with your wife or maybe the boss, I think you should watch a movie that will make you feel happy and heal the damage to your inner stress and mental health.


Choose these Genres when you are sad: 

Inspirational, Comedy, Thriller, Sci-fi


When you are Happy:

When it comes to watching when you are feeling happy, I think the best answer is a good family movie.

A good family movie would help you spend a good quality time with your parents, wife, and kids. We all are busy in our own world not getting a small amount of time to spend with family watching a good family is a reward for your family time.


Choose these genres when you are happy: 

Comedy, Inspirational, Family Drama


When You are angry:

Anger is something that would make hurt you and your loved ones if it is out of control so learn to manage the anger issues. You can do this by watching the best movie that helps you to encounter your anger issues.

It would be best if you do watch a movie alone when you are angry. That’s how you may give yourself time to become a cooldown and won’t hurt anyone.


Choose these genres when you are angry: 

Comedy, Horror, Action, Sci-fi


When you are Feeling low:

We all feel low at some point in our life and feel hopeless don’t know what to do. This is why it is important to know your own value. You can satisfy your guilty pleasure to feel good. Or watch an inspirational movie that helps you to boost your positive energy.

Remember, one movie can change your life movies will have positive or negative impacts on ourself it is up to us that how we take it from the movie we watched.


Choose these genres when you feel low: 

Inspirational, Comedy, Action


When you feel Failure:

We all are losers who become winners while facing a lot of failures, so it is ok to feel like a loser because, in order to become a winner, you have to face a lot of failures and struggles.

The biopic genre is something that I would suggest watching when you feel failure in your life because biopics are mostly based on true events and real stories, which boosts your energy and gives the motivation you need.


Choose these genres when you feel failure: 

Biopic, Inspirational, Comedy


When you feel lonely:

When you live alone, away from your family and friends to work, study, or any other reason, you sometimes feel alone and lonely, leading to negative thoughts.

A good movie will help you to overcome a situation like this. When feeling alone, watch movies on creativity, historical drama, or survival to destroy the loneliness around you and help yourself to get going with your life.


Choose these genres when you feel lonely: 

Historical Drama, sci-fi, Survival


Recently had a Heartbreak:

You might feel disappointed by yourself or your partner if you recently had heartbreak, but heartbreak teaches us a lot about life. Well, you can feel normal by watching movies that help you to feel good about yourself and your life.

You have to make sure not to watch anything that reminds you of your partner.


Choose these genres if you recently had heartbreak: 

Comedy, Action, Inspirational


When you feel Romantic:

when you feel romantic, you would love to be around your partner and watch some extraordinary content from the movies that satisfy your guilty pleasures.

It would be best to watch the movie with your partner when you are feeling romantic.


Choose these genres if you recently had heartbreak: 

Romantic, Love Stories


When you feel Emotional:

when you feel emotional, then it is very strong feeling than any other. Emotional feeling is something that makes you feel your real self how sensitive you are. Whenever you feel emotional, avoid watching sensitive movies or sensitive content.


Choose these genres if you recently: 

Comedy, Inspirational

How to Choose the best movie to watch according to your mood?

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