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The 7 Tips for Eye Care in Summer

Many times, we think of summer as an opportunity to rest and disconnect from work. This usually means spending less time in front of the computer, which inevitably has its benefits for your eyes. However, you should know that in summer we expose this part of our body to other conditions that can also cause us problems, so it is very important to pay attention to eye care and visual health.

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Why take care of the eyes in summer?

We have to take care of our eyes throughout the year, but it is true that in summer we have to treat them with great caution. Because? The first thing that surely comes to mind is the sun since the power of UV rays is very strong in this season. Also, we tend to spend more time outdoors, and this leaves us exposed to the sun.

However, the sun is not the only determining factor. The truth is that air conditioning and dry heat in certain areas are not good for your eyes either. These lead to dry eyes, which produce uncomfortable sensations.

Also bathing in the pool or in the sea requires taking certain precautions. This is due to the irritant of the chlorine and the bacteria that may be on the beach. On the other hand, the fact that it rains less favours the incidence of allergies (allergies are more frequent in spring). Therefore, it depends on which one you suffer from, you will also have to take extreme care.

These are the aspects that you must take into account but do not worry because you can continue enjoying the summer. Next, JLR Eye Hospital are going to give you some tips to reduce the chances of suffering any damage.

7 Tips for eye care in summer

1. Wear sunglasses

The advice par excellence for summer is to wear good sunglasses. Although these are important throughout the year, it is true that they are especially so in summer. Above all, always buy quality ones in a specialized store, which protects you from UV rays 100%.

As the summer light is so intense, we also recommend that you use polarized lenses that eliminate reflections, so you will surely be more comfortable. Mirrored lenses also help reduce the intensity of summer light. Take a look at the different types of glasses and their sun protection.

If you have children, we can only tell you to apply this same advice to them. Keep in mind that much of the UV exposure occurs in childhood due to the time children spend outdoors. You may find many options in terms of sunglasses for children.

2. Wear a hat

Although sunglasses protect you from UV rays, it is true that there can always be a hole where they enter. If you wear a hat or a cap with a visor, you will protect yourself even better.

3. Wear diving goggles

We have talked about the importance of sunglasses, but in summer diving goggles are also especially relevant. Some models of diving goggles can be graduated. In this way, you will protect your eyes from both chlorine and bacteria that may be in the water, especially if you wear contact lenses.

4. Wash your eyes often

Often we refer to before and after bathing in the pool or on the beach. This will help you, as in the previous case, to protect yourself from polluting or irritating substances. When you leave, wash your eyes and dry them with clean tissue. Never use the towel, as it could be dirty with sand or anything else in the environment. You can also use, if necessary, an eye bath that allows you to wash your eyes and hydrate them at the same time.

5. Wash your hands

This can apply to any time of the year, but it is something to take into account also in summer. Sometimes we can’t help but rub our eyes and it’s important that our hands are clean to avoid getting infections.

Also, remember that pollution can increase with heat, so it is advisable to keep this advice in mind.

6. He blinks often

As we told you, air conditioning and dry heat in some areas increase dry eyes. For the sake of caring for your eyes, try to blink often to hydrate your eyes. In the event that the notes are very dry, do not hesitate to use artificial tears.

7. Avoid staring directly towards the sun

Although this advice may seem obvious, it is always good to remember it. It doesn’t matter if you wear sunglasses, looking directly at the sun is harmful to your eyes.

These are the recommendations that you have to take into account for eye care in summer. As you can see, these are easy tips to follow but that you must keep in mind at all times.

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The 7 Tips for Eye Care in Summer

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