Top futuristic inventions

Top futuristic inventions

Top futuristic inventions

Up until about 20 years ago, tiny smartphones, computers, instant video conferencing and messaging were all fanciful science fiction invention. Now they are so ubiquitous, and we indeed give them a second thought.

But what about all of those essential and cool inventions that TV, Science, Movies fiction promised us like robot fighters, flying cars, and bionic body parts? Believe it or not, some are poised and real to shape the industry and markets. Here are someone of the most popular and amazing science-fiction-like inventions and technologies that some organizations and companies brought to life in the present time.

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  1. Hoverboards:- Hoverboards were an essential and critical component of the film “Back to the future”. Although to date, nobody has invented a device or gadget that hovers over the ground, an organization and company called Hendo Hover is working on it. In the present or meantime, “Hoverboards” with the wheels that design the illusion of hovering has been representing with mixed results. Reports of the hoverboards catching or causing fire curbed sales of the devices.
  2. Powerful and Tiny Products:- Nanotechnology is the famous and manipulation of matter on a molecular, atomic and supramolecular scale, and the field has some plenty possibilities in several areas, including energy and medicine, production. Science and scientists have worked to design polymer-based nanoparticles that can kill and target MRSA.
  3. Food Pills:- Soylent is an organization with a simple proposition: ” what if you no had to worry about other things and food again. At the same time, Soylent is a nutrition shake and not a tablet(pill); it still promises for the complete nutrition in powdered form. Director Robert Rhinehart designed and developed Soylent after realizing how much period he could save if he didn’t have to make or prepare food. But will Soylent find on with a public hungry for delectable treats?
  4. Air Touch Technology:- One of the most popular and coolest sci-fi technologies in the film “Minority Report” was the air-touch . Screens liberating computing and smart from the desk and even hand-held device or gadget. Thanks to the Taiwanese organization Industrial Technology Research Center. The chances of computing with an air-touch screen is becoming more popular and closer than ever.
  5. Military Exoskeleton:- An Iron Man-like “smart clothes or suit” the gives extra security and power. Lockheed Martin is working hard on just that in the HULC exoskeleton a hydraulic-powered, untethered anthropomorphic exoskeleton. That provides the user with the strength to carry loads of up to 200 pounds for an extended time and over all terrains. It’s more flexible design allows for crawls, deep squats and upper-body lifting. “The HULC is being designed for use in army and military conflicts.”
  6. 3D Printers:- Remember the replicator from the star trek? The starting from of 3D printing over the last few years has produced innovations just as dazzling, from rapid prototyping to some surgical or medical applications. Perfect at the forefront of this trend are organizations like Makerfot, which put unique and powerful 3D printing power perfect in the hands.
  7. Cloning:- We all know about the Dolly the sheep, the famous and first successful mammalian clone. But did you know there’s a Korean organization that will clone your beliked dog? It’s right, for a hefty fee, an organization or company called Sooam Biotech will supply you with a perfect genetic replica of your beliked pooch-training, treats and TLC not included.
  8. Living Robots:- Tiny hybrid robots made using stem cells from some of the frog embryos could one day begin or used to swim around the human to specific areas. Requiring medicine, or to gather microplastic in the big oceans.

“These are novel living machines,” said Joshua Bongard, a computer robotics and scientist expert at the college of Vermont, who co-designed the millimetre-wide robots, known as xenobiotics.

Author : Pawan Bugaliya

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