Most Amazing Places to Visit in Pink City Jaipur

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Pink City Jaipur

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Pink City Jaipur

No trip to India made without spending time in Pink City “Jaipur.” Affectionately nicknamed “The Pink City” for the reddish color of its unique historic buildings, Jaipur is a princely wonderland of heritage and culture, brimming with beautiful architectural gems. It’s also a preeminent stop in India’s Popular Golden Triangle, a well-known traveler circuit.

Prepare to be charm by the grandeur of Pink City, the capital of Rajasthan. City Palace gives you a feel of the lavish lifestyle afforded to the kind( royal) family of Jaipur. The planetary instruments at the Jantar Mantar observatory next door bring them unique and mysteries of space down to Earth. And depending on the best time of your visit, you may be able to enjoy one of the many famous and unique festivals that fill Jaipur’s annual calendar, like the Elephant Festival in early spring or the International Kite Festival in January.

Ready to organize your trip to “The Paris of India” a most unique and unforgettable experience? Map out your itinerary with our professional guide to the top-rated places and attractions to visit Pink City.

City Palace:- City Palace has stood in the middle of the Old City of Jaipur for almost 3-centuries, soon after Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II distinct from replacing his court from the city of Amber. Protected by high guard walls, the fairy-tale-like structure is still the home of Jaipur’s modern-day king’s family and is more enchanting and extravagant than you might visualize.

City Palace is more than a sand-colored grand abode—it’s a lounge complex of buildings design around a series of landscaped garden courtyards overlooking Lake Palace and Jaipur. The whole property is a stunning display of Mughal architecture and Rajasthani.

Jantar Mantar:- At first impression, Jantar Mantar may look to be nothing more than many huge-than-life theoretical sculptures. But this is not an art museum or gallery—it’s a beautiful and impressive collection of astronomical tools begins by Rajput ruler Jai Singh II to quantify the heavens nearly 300 years ago.

Each of the twenty or so structures at the UNESCO World Heritage Site serves a specific purpose. The observatory’s massive sundial, familiar as Samrat Yantra, is particularly striking. It casts a big shadow that accurately measures time down to a few seconds at twenty-seven meters tall.

HawaMahal:- If you had any preconceived notions about how the buildings in Pink City look, they likely came from Palace of Breeze (Hawa Mahal). It has all of the distinctive architectural characteristic that appears in postcards of the city, from the honeycombed facade, the salmon-pink, design to resemble the crown of Hindu god Krishna, to the rows of tiny windows and geometric accents.


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The landmark was designed in 1799 to allow royal ladies to watch occasions and festivals on the street without being seen by the common man. Its 953 windows allow plenty of breezes to pass through, making it a fantastic summer palace.

Amber Fort:- Jaipur is home to India’s most- impressive and most-visited forts: Amber Fort. Built in1592, the marble monolith, and the sandstone stand atop a small hill roughly 20 minute’s distance northeast of the center of Jaipur. It’s well-known for being a pristine and fantastic example of Rajasthani architecture.


Getting to Amber Fort includes a short uphill hike that’s well worth the effort. It’s decked out with intricate things and patterns of inlaid marble in nearly every color of the rainbow. The fort is laid out into 4 separate sections, each of which has a unique and beautiful garden courtyard. While you’d never notice it from above, you can explore the fort’s underground tunnels, a few of which have been restored.

Albert Hall Museum:- When English writer Rudyard Kipling came to India and visited the Albert Hall Museum in Pink City Jaipur, he wrote that it was a “rebuke to all museums in India from Calcutta downwards.” That’s high commend coming from the son of a curator, and attachment for this famous institution.

The oldest museum in Rajasthan, India, the Albert Hall Museum boasts an extensive collection of historical and art notable artifacts. Approach for the Egyptian mummy, stay to see some old and antique coins from unique periods in India’s history, amazing permanent exhibits of miniature paintings, 18th-century outfits worn by members of different – different castes, a peculiar collection of 19th-century clay figures demonstrating all the yoga types.

Birla Mandir:- In a city that seems to be dipped from top to bottom in pink, the beautiful stark white marble Birla Mandir stands out—a long time. The Hindu temple pays tribute to goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of purity and wealth, and Vishnu, one of its main deities.

The fantastic structure exudes a peaceful vibe, quiet, giving just the perfect atmosphere to appreciate delicate marble carvings, gorgeous sunset views, and shrines to gods.

Nahargarh Fort:- When it comes to sightseeing around Pink City Jaipur, the views and seen’s don’t get reasonable than what you’ll find at Nahargarh Fort. Also calls as Tiger Fort, the approx 300-year-old fort overlooked the whole city from atop the Aravalli Hills—a fantastic and prime location for the structure to defend Jaipur against opposite enemies many years ago.

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Galta Ji:- Sources of water can be far and few between in the desert state of Rajasthan. So it’s no wonder that when the ordinary people discovered a spring in a mountain pass in the Aravalli Hills, they esteem it by building the Hindu temple Galta Ji. Nestled between cliffs, the temple features some sacred water tanks, some with unique modest fountains, as well as frescoes that tell a story about Hindu god Krishna.

Amrapali Museum:- When the founders of the beliked Indian jewelry brand Amrapali Jewels begins collecting antique jewelry, they realized that few of these one-of-a-kind treasures deserved to be displayed and preserved. And so the Amrapali Museum was born.

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In Pink City Jaipur, the jewelry museum features two full floors of glistening objects and jewels from its approx. 4,000-piece collection, showcasing the vast value of Indian craftsmanship.

Museum of Legacies:- For much of history, Rajasthan’s most amazing handicrafts and works of art lived in popular and private collections that were unavailable for viewing for the majority of the public. That all changed when the Government of Jaipur, Rajasthan, opened the Museum of Legacies. Housed in a two-centuries-old mansion, this fantastic tourist attraction showcases an assortment of Indian embroidery, Pichwai paintings, giant Rajasthani puppets, and much more.

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Pink City Jaipur

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