Top 8  Largest Coffee Chains in the World

Top 8  Largest Coffee Chains in the World

Top 8  Largest Coffee Chains in the World

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A place we are all intimate with. A book reader’s hive. A writer’s amazing den. A couple’s first date. A lot has happened over a coffee. A place which has defined our lifestyle-coffee house. Like the gasoline of our lives, we cannot departure a weekend without going a café. Such a place deserves applauds and mention. Let’s indulge in some revisit and nostalgia the places. Here is a list of some one of the most popular and largest coffee chains in the world which have been all time likeable and favourite of many people.

  1. Starbucks Coffee :- Inspire from the part of a novel named The Whale’s Captain Ahab’s first mate Starbucks and Moby Dick   was founded by an English teacher Jerry Baldwin, writer Gordon Bowker and history teacher Zev Sieg and  which was then sold to the present CEO and chairman of the coffee chain Howard Schultz.

Today it operates 23,768 café or locations worldwide. Also they have their personal undercover coffee house located in Seattle! It is                   called Roy Street Tea and coffee which is devoid of any apparent uniforms or logos. The store is believed to be a finest and experimental           hub where new products or things are tested without brand basis.

  1. Costa Coffee :- The Costa coffee house that sources 100% of their beans from Rainforest Alliance farms making it the beginning chain in United Kingdom to manage the whole coffee making things and process. Originality is what they have always guaranteed and they have proven it with their delicious coffees. Importantly, the coffee taster for Costa Coffee has insured his tongue for £10 million. It has more than 1,700 coffee house and outlets in the United Kingdom itself and over 1,100 stores throughout the world in among the 30 countries.
  2. Tim Hortons : – Quintessentially Canadian, this Coffee brand or chain is central to Canada’s likeness has a domineering presence of 4,590 outlets or stores worldwide. Originally it had an apostrophe but this was removed in the year 1977 owing to French being made the official language of Quebec. It was begins by Jim Charade and the four-time Stanley Cup-winning hockey star player Tim Horton. Their order and classic things “double” was added to Canada’s Oxford Dictionary in the year 2004. That is for real at Tim Hortons. It is now own by Burger King.
  3. Dunkin Donuts : – Well-known to sell thirty cups of coffee every second, Dunkin Donuts has more than donuts to it. It was mainly known as Open Kettle but obtain its current name in 1950s. This American chain claims to have more than 15,000 things or way to order your coffee at the chain. They also have popular and celebrity chefs on board. The Chief Executive and the lead Chef Stan Frankenthaler is a 3 time James Beard Award nominee which is like the Oscars for cafes and restaurants.
  4. Mc Café : – This coffee house is managed by Mc Donald’s and was founded in the year 1993. It has an amazing presence worldwide and uses 100% fine coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Farms. It is popular in New Zealand and Australia. It is making its presence in India steadily and slowly.
  5. Tully’s Coffee : – Known for its flavour and rich taste, this coffee chain has about among 300 stores around the whole world and is owned by Tom T. O’Keefe. Tully’s signature drink is the Bellaccino – alike to Starbucks’s Frappuccino, which comprise of a blend of milk, ice, and other base natural ingredients such as sauces and flavourings; topped with whipped cream and deliciousness.
  6. Peet’s Coffee and Tea : – If you come to this store, then you must try once the Espresso drinks because they famous and expert in roasted Arabia coffee. This was founded in the year 1966 and is known for its amazing hospitality services. Peet’s has an in huge sane following, sometimes known as “Peetniks”, a portmanteau of Peets.
  7. Coffee Beanery : – Founded in the year 1876, this coffee store not only serves coffee but also sells its amazing coffee beans. Producing their personal coffee beans and selling the same maximizes their benefits aspects. The coffee store concepts gives to franchisees include double-wide drive-thru, retail specialty stores, kiosks, coffee bars, and café stores. The most amazing coffee from the range of coffees they gives is Espresso.

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